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From maintaining accurate books for your business to expert financial advising,

VM Bookkeeping Services is ready to help you find the financial freedom you’ve been looking for.  


“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

-Napoleon Hill
We Offer



  • Quickbooks and Xero support services

  • Online Set-up

  • Recording and classification of transactions

  • Historical Clean-up and correction

  • Catch up on overdue books

  •  Journal Entries (monthly & yearly) 

  • Monthly Reconciliation

  • Monthly financial statements (Income statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow)



Financial Advisory Services

  • Financial analysis using ratios

  • Budgeting and forecasting  

  • Interpretation and advising




  • Invoicing & Accounts Receivable

  • Bill pay & Accounts Payable


Meet Vivi


With a degree in commerce and nearly a decade of experience in budgeting and accounting, Vivi Muchila has the expertise and passion it takes to help small businesses thrive and grow in today’s marketplace. After all, small businesses are the backbone of any economy. You can trust Vivi to maintain accurate books for your business and discern your company’s financial strength. She can even help you develop a plan that will allow you the financial freedom you’ve been looking for.

Having lived and traveled abroad, Vivi is well-equipped to work with business owners from around the globe – she even speaks three different languages.  She and her family enjoy exploring new sites and trying different cuisines. So far they’ve lived in Africa, Europe and the U.S. and have taken full advantage of opportunities to travel to other countries.


If you are in search of a professional bookkeeper and financial advisor who brings a worldly perspective and adds tremendous value to your small business, look no further. Vivi Muchila with VM Bookkeeping Services is ready to help!  

Bookkeeping you can trust. Flexible. Accurate. Reliable.


Our Promise

To help small businesses thrive in today’s economy by maintaining accurate and tax-ready books and revealing their financial strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a plan for financial security.


Vivi is simply amazing! For about 1yr+ Vivi did excellent work for my company and I highly recommend her. She is very friendly, professional, and gets the job done.

— Viran Ranasinghe —

Owner & Head Coach, Kaizen Karate

Communication is key to any successful business and VM Bookkeeping Services is readily available to discuss your company’s financial needs. Setting up your free consultation is easy!
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